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Barry Boehm

University of Southern California

Dr. Barry Boehm is the USC Distinguished Professor and TRW Professor in the USC Computer Sciences, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Astronautics Departments.  He is also the Chief Scientist of the DoD-Stevens-USC Systems Engineering Research Center, and the founding Director of the USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering.  He was director of DARPA-ISTO 1989-92, at TRW 1973-89, at Rand Corporation 1959-73, and at General Dynamics 1955-59. His contributions include the COCOMO family of cost models, the Spiral family of process models, and the Theory W (win-win) approach for creating and evolving successful systems.  He is a Fellow of the primary professional societies in computing (ACM), aerospace (AIAA), electronics (IEEE), systems engineering (INCOSE), and the Lean Systems society, and a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering.